River Wicks

Cleaning and Tidying Services

Kia ora!

Welcome to my website, where you can find out about my services and prices.

My website may look like a blast from the past, but it was last updated 2023-10-23.

Who am I?

I'm River (she/they).

What do I do?

I offer cleaning and tidying services.

Where do I do it?

I am based in Wellington, New Zealand, and get around on my bike.

How do I do it?

I can work on my own iniative, but also work to your prorities. I'll go over with you what your priorities are--what to do first, and what to leave for if there's time.

What do I do it with?

I clean with the products you have in your home, although am happy to arrange prices for providing my own, or to pick products on behalf on my way to your home.

To ensure I am able to safely and thoroughly clean your home, please make sure you have available:

When do I do it?

My cleans usually begin after 11am to ensure I am well-rested and able to give my best effort.

How often do I do it?

I currently have availablity for casual and fortnightly cleans. I will update this page should more availability open up.

How much do I charge?

I charge $31/hour for house cleaning/tidying, and $36/hour for between-tenant and moving-out cleans; with a two-hour minimum, five-hour maximum.

When my rates are adjusted, existing customers keep their current rate until the beginning of April or October.

I can provide an invoice or bank number depending on preference. If cash payment is preferred please note that I do not carry change.

What's my "default" clean?

Without any specific instruction on priorities, I'll usually:

My default focus is on cleaning, but some tidying will happen as things are moved to clean behind/under them. If I run out of things to clean, then I pivot to focusing on tidying.

I collect together the cloths used for cleaning, and can put a load of washing on for them along with anything else before I leave; or leave them if you prefer.

Am I covid-safe?

I am up-to-date on my vaccines, and take measures in my own life to avoid catching and transmitting any illness.

I will swap my fabric mask for a KN95 on request, and trust you to let me know if there is contagious illness in your home.

Why should you hire me?

I am an efficient worker who makes good use of the time I am on the job, and I hold myself to a high standard.

By hiring me, you are supporting a small business. While I have experience in the services I offer, my business is new and my rates are low.

I am an accepting person familiar with people of many different walks of life. It can be difficult to invite a stranger into your home, especially if you are used to receiving judgement from others. Regardless of your disability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or any other aspect of your self; I am just here to clean.


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